Devices & Accessories

Devices & Accessories

Air Compressor

The D01-2 is specially designed to cover the practice’s needs for compressed air.

Quiet, Oil-free, for medical use. Ultra powerful ( 2HP- 1500W)

This heavy duty motor improves productivity, system efficiency and process quality. The 24-liter air tank ensures a continuous workflow and correct storage of the produced air. The special anti-corrosive coating makes the D01-2 compressor even more durable.

Technical Features:


V/Hz 230V/55Hz

Power W

1500W = 2HP

Speed r/min

≥1400 r/min

Air Delivery m3/h

≥8.7m3/h @0.8MPa
≥16.8m3/h @0MPa

Working Pressure MPa


Max Working Pressure MPa


Restart Working Pressure MPa


Level of Noise dB(A)

≤79 dB(A)

Dimensions in mm


Net Weight in Kg